As an essential part of a major research university of the 21st century, the Penn Libraries has the core responsibilities of collecting information, from numerous sources and in various formats, and of conserving the items in our collections to make the information they contain available for use by future generations. Our collections are varied, including many items that are either unique or scarce, yet have in common their importance to entire communities of users that rely heavily on their accessibility.

As the use of our collections continues to grow, safeguarding their longevity through rigorous and strategic conservation efforts will ensure that our particular cache of human knowledge will be available for untold generations to come. Advancing the conservation of the most valuable and at-risk portion of our very diverse collections is of the utmost importance for the Libraries and for Penn.

By giving in support of conservation, you will arm the Penn Libraries with resources to continue and accelerate our conservation program, and you will advance scholarship by helping maintain our most valuable holdings.