We embrace both the digital and the tactile in helping every part of Penn make the journey from idea to impact.

The Penn Libraries generates, discovers, and safeguards what all of humankind knows — past, present, and future. Our people, our resources, and the way we work actually shape what is possible to know and discover.

To teach and conduct their research the Penn faculty needs faster, simpler, less-hassled access to multitudes of new information. Among the most pressing and dire financial pressures facing libraries today are ongoing subscriptions to serials and databases. Indeed, academic journal publishers are posting higher profits than nearly any sector of commerce.

In addition, more and more of our books have a digital corollary—the only way for our students to access these works is with 3D glasses, an app, or through virtual reality. This is a game-changer for libraries and requires new support to reach even greater heights in the creation of new knowledge.