As the field of librarianship continuously evolves, we must explore and experiment to redefine the boundaries of librarians' roles in the creation of new knowledge. 

Named term or endowed fellowships are a wonderful asset in attracting bright and talented individuals from around the country or even the world to both learn and develop their own expertise

By inviting unexpected cross-displinary fusion in their work, fellows introduce new modes of discovery into library pedagogy. Pathways guiding previously uncharted collaborations are constructed, intersections of information and application are revealed, and seemingly disparate bodies of knowledge complement one another to yield a sum greater than its parts.

Their tremendous contributions positively impact the academic output of the University as a whole and set their own fields on trajectories to new heights around the world.

New knowledge and innovations investigated by fellows Penn's scholarly, curatorial, and pedagogical expertise. These fresh perspectives activate the full power of the Penn Libraries.