The central mission of the Penn Libraries is to fuel academic and research enterprise across the University.

This responsibility and privilege calls on our unique ability among the schools and centers of Penn to serve simultaneously as a trusted provider of an entire university of information as well as fearless experimenter in novel tools, as well as seasoned expert to help navigate through the array of resources to reach clear answers and new knowledge. 

As Penn's initiatives have developed and flourished, we have been adapting our collections to meet changing needs across the board. But the University never stands still, so we are continuously expanding resources that users rely on us to make readily accessible.

While some of our most urgent needs relate to emerging disciplines and areas new to Penn thanks to recent, prominent, and very exciting faculty hires, the whole collection of the Penn Libraries - more than 8.3 million volumes, over 192,000 journals, some 3.5 million digitized images, and extraordinary rare and unique materials that document the intellectual and cultural experience of ancient and modern civilizations - must grow at, or even faster than, the pace of the world's evolution.