No longer places that just archive and retrieve information, Penn Libraries helps students and faculty explore and authenticate it as well as to teach and synthesize it into new revelations with actionable meaning for today's society.

Excellence in this role is essential in a world where an abundance of information is available but not vetted.

Located at the nexus of past and present schoalrship with the creation of future knowledge, expert librarians and curators guide research by helping students and scholars to mine valuable information beyond what is readily accessible and prepare systemic reviews of existing data on complex topics.

With constant curiousity, experimentation, and iteration, we make consistent advances that drive how we make sense of information and equip future generations for their own academic inquiries and practice that brings us closer to overcoming previously insurmountable obstacless.

One of the best ways to ensure that Penn is at the forefront of academics is through fueling the innovation that is at the heart of discovery.