This article was originally published in the Almanac, vol. 61, No. 13, on 11/11/2014. It can be viewed here in its original form

The Penn Libraries catalog, Franklin, now provides access to two million downloadable public-domain books and serials available through the HathiTrust Digital Library. With the addition of these digitized volumes, the number of e-books available through the Penn Libraries has reached 3.2 million titles.

“The Penn Libraries are always looking for creative ways to provide access to new resources for the Penn community,” shared Carton Rogers, vice provost and director of the Penn Libraries. “By providing access to these two million HathiTrust titles, we substantially increase the research content available to the Penn community through Franklin.”

HathiTrust is a partnership of more than 90 major research institutions and libraries working to ensure that the cultural record is preserved and accessible long into the future. The Penn Libraries became an institutional partner in 2010. The content preserved by HathiTrust has been digitized by partner libraries as part of Google Books, Internet Archive and in-house digitization projects and comprises over 12 million volumes containing over four billion pages.

The number of online, public-domain titles is expected to continue increasing. The HathiTrust reported on their website that “Several publishers, including the university presses of Michigan, Utah State and Duke have agreed, at least in principle, to open backlist titles through HathiTrust.”