We live in an increasingly digital world. Our users want access to information when they need it and where they want to use it, whether it is in a library space, an office, a dorm room or at a patient's bedside. They also want to employ a wide range of new technologies in their interactions with that information. To meet these needs, the Penn Libraries must provide rich discovery tools and a wide range of licensed electronic resources and items digitized at the Libraries.

Converting existing print, audio and video resources to digital formats is essential for the Penn Libraries if we are to meet the needs of today's information consumers. The Libraries' pioneering on-site digitization of rare and physically fragile collections has already yielded over two million digital images available both to the campus community and to scholars worldwide through the Internet. But this si just the beginning of meeting our constituents' needsthe Libraries must continue digitizing its collections to empower ease of access, creative study, and the generation of new knowledge.

By contributing in support of digitization, you can accelerate the Penn Libraries' initiatives to embrace new technologies and make its print holdings readily available on and off campus.