The Penn Libraries' mission is to provide high-quality information resources - both print and digital - in a manner that is reliable, timely, responsive to the needs of our constituents, and delivered with expertise while stewarding and preserving the knowledge contained in our holdings. We strive to implement novel programs and services around these resources to create bridges between the Penn Libraries and schools and centers around the University. The Penn Libraries is dedicated to pushing the frontiers of innovation and enterprise to impact teaching, learning and research provide a unique environment - one that includes a network of learning spaces that reflect the latest advances in pedagogy - toward the advancement of academics at the University. In response to the increasing diversity and internationalization of the Penn community, we reflect that diversity in our work toward attracting a cadre of top talent who introduce new skills and fields to the Penn Libraries and to Penn as a whole.

The Penn Libraries advance the goals of President Gutmann's Compact 2020 by:

  • Ensuring access to scholarship for those at the University and beyond
  • Empowering research, teaching, and professional practice
  • Enabling innovation and creativity in scholarship
  • Enriching individual and group learning across all disciplines
  • ​Engaging on campus and beyond in research and the creation of new knowledge to benefit our users