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Nor a Mame (Only a Mother)

Performer: Clara Crasner (1902-1998)
From a tape made by Molly and Bob Freedman in 1975.
Freedman Catalog # C-28(a)

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"Nor A Mame" is a lullaby written by David Einhorn (1886-1973) and first published in 1917 under the title, "Ayle lyule." The poem was sung to several melodies. Adopted by the folk, the composer of the version heard here is unknown.

Sung poignantly by Molly's mother, Clara Crasner, whose own mother died when Clara was a teenager, the sense of the song is that while almost anything can be purchased for money, a mother is unique (only one in the world). Fortunate is the child that has its mother and also its own cradle.

"The song is so much a part of me, I've been singing it forever. Clara sang it to me when I was a little girl," Molly recalled.

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Ay-li, lyu-li, ay-li, lyu-li,
Shlof, mayn tayerer, in ru.
Voyl iz dem vos hot a mamen
Un a vigele dertsu,
Ay-li, lyu-lyu, lyu.

Altsding ken men nokh gefinen,
Altsding krigt men nokh far gelt.
Nor a mame zi iz eyne -
Mer nit eyne oyf der velt.
Ay-li, lyu-li-lyu.

Shlof, mayn tayerer, mayn liber,
Makh di oygn tsu un ru.
Gut iz dem vos hot a mamen
Un a vigele dertsu.
Ay-li, lyu-li-lyu.

Dos iz dokh a gots matone,
Vemen es iz nor bashert;
Vey iz dem vos hot keyn mamen
Oyf der groyser, vister erd...
Ay-li, lyu-li-lyu!

Ay-li, lyu-li, ay-li, lyu-li,
Vi der tsar zol zayn nit groys,
Tomed ken men im farvign
In der momes shoys.
Ay-li-, lyu-li, lyu!

Ay-li, lyu-li, ay-li, lyu-li,
Vi di zind zol zayn nit shver,
Opvashn vet tomed kenen
Zi-der mames reyne trer.
Ay-li, lyu-li-lyu!


Ay-li, lyu-li, ay-li, lyu-li, sleep my dear one, in peace.
Happy is he who has a mother, and a little cradle as well.
Ay-li, lyu-li-lyu.

Anything can still be found; you can still get anything for money.
But a mother -- she is one -- there's just one in all the world.
Ay-li, lyu-li-lyu.

Sleep, my dear one, my beloved, close your eyes and rest.
Happy is he who has a mother and a little cradle too.
Ay-li, lyu-li-lyu.

For that is a gift from God to whomever is fated to receive it.
Woe to him who has no mother in the wide and empty world.

However great your sorrow, it can always be rocked away in your mother's lap.
However great your sins, they can always be washed away by your mother's pure tears.
Ay-li, lyu-li-lyu.

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