Class of 1937 Carrel Center

In 1987, the Class of '37 set a new standard for attractive, comfortable study spaces by refurbishing its Reading Room. In 1997, in celebration of its 60th Reunion, the Class proudly presented the Class of '37 Carrel Center. The Carrel Center provides a much needed expansion of the space for diligent study and quiet reflection offered by the reading room, carrying the look and feel of the Reading Room along the entire southeast wall of the Library's fifth floor.

Immediately adjacent to the Memorial Reading Room, the Center offers 27 new Thomas Moser carrels, made of cherrywood with slate desktops and brass fittings. New carpeting, lighting, and window treatments extend the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the Reading room. These two adjacent study areas serve as a constant reminder of the Class's unique and generous contributions to the life of the Library.

Because of the Class of 1937's efforts, the fifth floor is already a favorite stop on any tour of the library. Penn's appeal to prospective students -- and the Library's ability to serve current students -- has been heightened even further with the completion of the '37 Carrel Center.

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