Class of 1942 Information Desk

The 55th reunion gift of The Class of 1942 provides an attractive and functional entry point into the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center. As the Library's first point of contact with its patrons, the Information Desk provides new and experienced library users quick access to the answers they need.

Immediately visible upon entering the Library and providing a personal welcome to all visitors, the Information Desk offers guidance from staffers whose training has included special emphasis on advanced online catalog training, location and directional information, and public service skills necessary to achieve a high level of customer service.

The Information Desk has been designed by renowned cabinet maker Thomas Moser as part of a redesigned Periodicals, Circulation and Reference Desk area. The rejuvenation of these areas is part of a larger project to update the Van Pelt Library. The library building was originally conceived of and built in the 1960s, lending it the modern, sterile atmosphere of buildings of that era. The renovations make the library a warmer and more inviting environment in which serious study can take place in comfortable surroundings.