Class of 1964 Lookup Center

The Class of 1964 made a significant contribution to the renewal of the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center. The Electronic Lookup Center features 30 computer workstations, which allow students and other patrons to integrate searching the Library's online catalog, Franklin, with searches of other databases as well as the resources of the World Wide Web.

From the moment of its opening, this center has been a popular resource for Library patrons, who appreciate its combination of comfort, functionality, and esthetics.

Penn students and faculty have full access to the computer network, with password access to valuable resources such as LEXIS/NEXIS, Mead Data Central's full-text system, RLIN and the Research Library Group's specialized files. Visitors can search selected primary files. Users also can look beyond the walls of Van Pelt out into the holdings of more than 50 major research libraries around the country using the Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN).

Users can generate their own interlibrary loan requests, document delivery requests, and recalls and holds for Penn Library books in circulation. They can also make use of resources available elsewhere on the World Wide Web.