Class of 1967 Marian Anderson Exhibition Gallery

The Class of 1967 subsidized a sweeping central staircase that joins three floors of the main public areas of the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center. The staircase serves as a unifying element in the multi-million dollar renovation of the Library. The Stairtop Lounge, also a gift of the Class of 1967, has become a popular destination for those seeking the stimulation of a centrally located gathering place.

In addition, the class's generosity funded the Marian Anderson Exhibition Gallery in the Music Library, which houses some of the most significant memorabilia of the legendary singer's career.

Special appreciation goes to the following class members:

Thomas Frank Bates | Saul J. Berman | Scott S. A. Coby | Edward L. Cohen | Michael D. Francis | James L. Freeman | Joseph E. Gian-Grasso and Janice M. Gian-Grasso, GNU 1977 | Arthur M. Kaplan | Hope Rothenberg Kessler | John A. Komreich | Richard K. Lubin | Howard S. Marks | Clayton A. Peimer | Joseph S. Rascoff | Kim David Rosenberg | Keith L. Sachs and Katherine Stein Sachs, CW 1969 | Jay A. Schlott | Susan Melnikoff Sibley | Joseph W. Stevens | Susan Kershbaum Stevens