Class of 1968 Reference Desk

"First in Class, First in Field, '68 will never yield!"

With characteristic exuberance, the Class of 1968 made possible the Reference Center, one of the main areas that anchors the first floor entrance of the renovated Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, an area including the Reference Desk, Lookup Center, and Electronic Lounge. The renovations enhance the ability of the library to meet the technological challenges of twenty-first century research and scholarship - positioning the Library as the intellectual commons for the next generation of Penn students and faculty.

The focal point is a 60 x 30 foot, custom-made library desk of solid cherry designed by the nationally known cabinetmaker, Thomas Moser. The desk, functional as well as beautiful, incorporates compact disk readers, microfiche readers, computers and online catalog terminals. Moser-designed tables and carrels in the reference reading area houses additional electronic equipment. New shelving provides easier access to the Library's 33,000 reference volumes.

Lead contributors to the Class of 1968 25th Reunion gift include:

Joseph M. Cohen | James G. Colins | Alexius C. Conroy | Robert W. Cort | Douglas L. Cox | D. Michael Crow | Thomas P. Farrell | Jonathan E. Goldstein | Lee Gordon | John Michael Heffer | William H. Herrmann, Jr. | Mark S. Housel | Elsie Sterling Howard | A. Stephen Hut, Jr. | Margaret Wilner Hut | Albert B. Kahn, Jr. | Ellen s. Kelson | Richard B. Kelson | Daniel L. Klein | Sheldon F. Kwait | Kenneth E. Lebensburger, Jr. | Jack H. Lehman III | Carolyn Hoff Lynch | Mary L. MacLachlan | Bonnie Blackman Matusow | James M. Meyer | Frank D. Osborn | James A. Pappas | Charles H. Revson, Jr. | Gail Petty Riepe | W. Norman Scott | Ralph M. Segall | Laurence B. Simon | Samuel B. Singer