Acquisition Funds & Gifts of Collections

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Anthony Thomas Abraham Collection Endowment Fund in Energy Infrastructure
Otto E. Albrecht Memorial Fund
Alfred Reginald Allen Memorial Fund of The Savoy Company
Alumni and Friends Book Fund
American Honda Motor Company Fund
Ella E. and Herman V. Ames Fund
Charles R. Anderson Endowment Fund
Marian Anderson Papers
Esther B. Aresty Collection of Rare Books on the Culinary Arts
Edwin B. Aubrey Memorial Fund


E. Digby Baltzell Fund
James G. Barnwell Fund
Albert C. Baugh Book Fund
Max C. and Zipora E. Baylinson Music Fund
Dr. Craig Baxter Memorial Fund
Henry Putney Beers Memorial Fund
Samuel Bellet Book Fund
Alfred Bendiner Fund
Arthur Bernstein Cardiology Library Fund Herbert Grossinger and Maury Betchen Memorial Fund for Neurodegenerative Disease Research
Israel Mordechai Biderman Collection
Biomedical Library Fund
Chef Fritz Blank Culinary Archive & Library
James Samuel Blank Fund
Faye & Gerson Blatnick Fund for Special Collections
Henry H. Bonnell Collection
Muriel Pfaelzer Bodek Fund for Library Public Events Brigode Family Endowment for the Study of Education Policy and Reform
Daniel G. Brinton Library of American Languages and Archaeology
R. Jean Brownlee Library Fund
Bullitt Classics Fund The Isaac, Simon Louis, and Tobin Busch Endowed Judaica Fund


Campbell Digitization Fund
Philip and Allan G. Carlson Fund
Allan G. Chester & Florence K. Chester Fund
Edward Potts Cheyney Memorial Fund
Kenneth H. and Thelma F. Cisney Memorial Fund
Judith and L. John Clark Fund
Edith E. Clark Endowment Fund
Class of 1878
Classes of 1883 and 1884
Class of 1891 Department of Arts Fund
Class of 1894
Class of 1897
Class of 1924
Class of 1932
Class of 1937
Class of 1939
Class of 1948 Medical School
Class of 1953
Class of 1955
Class of 1971 Memorial Book Fund
Morris Clothier Collection of American Drama
Edwin B. Cole Memorial Fund
Sabin W. Colton, Jr. Memorial Fund
Amy Comegys Memorial Fund
Julia Moore Converse and Richard W. Bartholomew Endowed Fund
J.P. Wickersham Crawford Fund
James A. Crawford Fund
Curtis Publishing Company Collection of Franklin Imprints


Dante and Tasso Library Fund
Charles Wendell David Library Fund
Edward Ziegler Davis Fund
Robert Dechert Americana Collection
Robert Dechert Americana Book Fund
Lisa Beth Deutsch Memorial Book Fund
Charles D. Dickey, Jr. Fund
Cornelia Dodderer Fund Todd and Elizabeth Donovan Endowed Fund for Television and Broadcast Media
Elis and Ruth Douer Endowed Fund for Judaica Collections
Theodore Dreiser Papers
Dr. Louis A. Duhring Fund


Joel and Sanford Ehrenkranz Book Fund
Engineering Book Fund
Ray Evans Archive
Thomas W. Evans Papers
Thomas W. Evans Fund


John W. Faires Memorial Fund
Tom Farinholt and Blair Edlow Memorial Book Fund
James T. Farrell Papers
Adam H. Fetterolf Fund
George R. Fink Memorial Fund
Louis B. Flexner Medical Book Fund
Edwin Forrest Library Collection
Benjamin Franklin Library Fund
Robert and Molly Freedman Jewish Music Archive
Bernard W. Freeman Book Fund
Friends of the Library Endowment Fund
Barney and Eleanor Frommer Memorial Fund
Horace Howard Furness Memorial Fund
Horace Howard Furness Memorial Library of Shakespeare & Elizabethan Drama


Thea Marie Garfield Fund
Beatrice W.B. Garvan Fund
Gemmill Family Book Fund
Department of Germanic Languages Book Fund
Gershwind/Bennett Endowed Fund for Judaica Collections
Edward Giera and Kimberly Hirschman Fund
Joseph B. Glossberg Fund
The Julian M. Gokhale and Donna (Medeck) Gokhale Library Fund
Samuel W. Golden Book Fund
Judah Goldin Library
Pauline R. Goldfein Memorial Book Fund
Saul & Frances Gorn Fund
Laurie Burrows Grad Cookbook Collection
Marion B. Graham Memorial Book Fund
Judith Greenblatt Endowment Fund
Alfred H. Gumaer Fund
George R. Gund Foundation Fund


Flora Haney Fund
Flora E. Haney Fund
Hiram G. Haney Fund
James B. Hoesley Collection Fund
Julia G. Haney Fund
John Louis Haney Fund
Alec Harris, C'85, and Carollina Song Fund
John G. Hartman Memorial Library Fund
Carl Hering Library Fund
Lawrence H. Herring Memorial Fund
Christine Hikawa Fund
Edward Giera and Kimberly Hirschman Fund
Frank S. Hoffman Memorial Book Fund
Thomas B. Holloway Medical Book Fund
Commins-Holman Endowed Family Fund
Althea K. Hottel and Abraham S. Hottel, Jr. Fund
The Frances Houston Medical Book Fund
Patrick B. Hughes and Anne Gaydosh Hughes Memorial Fund
Carrie A. Humphrey Memorial Library Fund
Harry E. Humphreys Book Fund
John Dixon Hunt Fund
Hazel May Hussong Fund


B. George Isen Memorial Fund


Howard R. Jachman Memorial Fund
Francis A. Jackson Memorial Fund
Jacobs Family Fund for Cinema Studies
Richard & Marsha Johnson Fund for East & Southeast Asia Studies


Edmund J. Kahn Library Fund
Esther F. and Lionel Kantrowitz Collection Endowed Fund for the Annenberg School of Communication
Arnold and Deanne Kaplan Term Acquisition Fund
Sylvia W. Kauders Fund
Mary M. Kaufman Memorial Fund for Neuroscience & Biomedical Engineering
Sydney S. Keil Collection Fund
Elizabeth Kelsey Memorial Fund
Kowell Family Art History Fund
Rev. C.P. Krauth Library Fund
E.B. Krumbhaar Fund for Elsevier Imprints


Lachs-Adler Family Endowed Fund for Collection Development
William Alexander Lamberton Memorial Fund
Edward W. Lanius Book Fund
Henry Charles Lea Library of Medieval and Renaissance History
Lea Library Fund
Lea Library Maintenance Fund
Arthur H. Lea Library Endowment Fund
Lee Foundation of Singapore Book Fund
Harold Lefkoe Memorial Book Fund
Roberta S. and Leonard S. Leibman, W'53 Fund
Julia B. Leisenring Book Fund
Lenkin Family Acquisition Fund
Leutsch Library of Classical Philology
Dr. Ada H. Lewis Book Fund
Edward J. Lewis Book Fund
Gail and Warren Lieberfarb Mental Health and Neuroscience Library Resource Fund
William E. Lingelbach Fund
Lipman Criminology Library Fund
Barton Hirst Lippincott Memorial Fund for Acquisitions in Biomedicine
Lippincott Library Book Endowment Fund
J. Bertram Lippincott Library Fund
Gilbert, Shirley and Marilyn Luber Fund for Japanese Studies
Ryan Ly and Family Endowed Collection Fund


Francis Macaulay Library of Dante, Petrarch and Tasso
John, Ruth, and Sally Ruth MacCorkell Fund
Edward P. and Julia Lang Mally Endowment for Rare Books and Manuscripts Collections Sylvia R. and Lawrence N. Margolies Endowed Judaica Fund
Clarence J. Marshall Memorial Library Fund
Dr. William McDowell Mastin Fund
John Mauchly Papers
Charles H. Maxson Fund
Emma Louise McClellan Fund
McWilliams-Tattersall Fund
Lawrence A. Medansky Memorial Book Fund
Perelman School of Medicine Library Fund
Craig M. Merrihue Memorial Fund
Laura Jan Meyerson Poetry Fund
Martin and Margy Meyerson Endowment Fund for Special Collections
Martin and Margy Meyerson Endowment Fund for the Built Environment
Martin Meyerson Memorial Fund
President Emeritus Martin Meyerson Fund
David Milne Fund
Bruce Alan Miller Book Fund Feng & Mitsuko Lee, Paul Montrone, and J. Reece Montrone Global Communications Collection Fund
John Morgan Society Fund
Murray Galt Motter Memorial Fund
Lewis Mumford Papers
George L. Murray Fund for Rare Materials
Department of Music Fund


Robert A. Nones, Jr., Fund
Isaac Norris Library Fund


Elsie de Renzo Orlando Fund
Samuel P. Orlando Fund
Eugene Ormandy Papers


Park-Choi Fund for Anthropology Studies
Simon Nelson Patten Fund
Elizabeth Bowers Peck 1929 Endowment Fund
S.M. Peck and Company Wharton School Library Fund
James Hosmer Penniman Book Fund Jay Penske Rare Book Fund
Dr. D. Sergeant Pepper Memorial Fund
William Pepper Medical Library Fund
Perkins Architectural Rare Book Fund
Phi Beta Kappa Library Trust Fund
Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture
Harold C. Putnam Book Fund


Rare Judaica Acquisitions Endowment Fund for the Katz Center
Delphine Okie Richardson Fund
Craig D. Ritchie Fund
William J. and Irma S. Roach Fund
Carleton and Mary Robinson Fund
Jessie A. Rodman Fund
Fairman Rogers Library on Horses & Equitation
Rosebud Fund for Cinema Studies
Romanic Philology Trust
Mark and Aimee Rosenbaum Library Fund
Frances Baylinson Rosenbluth Fund
Adolph G. Rosengarten, Jr. Fund | Rosengarten International Fund
Constance L. Rosenthal Book Fund
Running Press Collection
Beverly Bennett Rutstein CW'50 Fund
Clyde de Loache Ryals Endowed Acquisition Fund


Ruth and Marvin Sackner Fund for the Arts of the Contemporary Book
Michael K. Schaefer Fund
Dr. Adolph E. Schecter Memorial Fund
Rudolph G. Schmieder Fund
Lawrence J. Schoenberg & Barbara Brizdle Manuscript Initiative
A. H. Scouten Memorial Fund
Dr. Cecilia Segawa Seigle, GR’71 Ukiyo-e Archive and Library
M.A. Shaaber Fund for the Furness Shakespeare Library
Dhiren H. Shah W'82 and Katherine M. Shah Endowment for Library Collections
Esther K. and Maxwell Sillman Fund
Singer-Mendenhall Collection of the English Novel
Singh Family Fund for South Asian Studies
Rebecca Pepper Sinkler Fund

The Smidt Family Modern and Contemporary Art Collection Fund
Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Collection in the History of Chemistry
Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Fund
Paul C. Smith Endowed Fund
Herbert Arnold Speiser Fund
Richard L. Sperry, WG'67, Endowment for Rare Books and Manuscripts Collections
Ray Spyres Fund
John Lammey Stewart Memorial Library Fund
Charles J. Stille Fund
Rabbi Michael Strassfeld Collection
Maryann B. Sudo CW'63 & John B. Baxter, Jr., Fund for American History


J. Fithian Tatem Memorial Fund
Frances C. Thielbar Memorial Fund
Elisabeth J. Tooker Fund
Anne and Joseph Trachtman Memorial Book Fund Arthur Tress Collection of Japanese Illustrated Books



George Clapp Vaillant Book Fund
Albert E. Visk W'28 Memorial Book Fund


Laurie Wagman Collection of Theater Arts in Education
Tobias Wagner Library Fund
Tobias Wagner Library of History and Literature
Kathryn Faul and Joseph A. Wallace Fund
Mina Wattenberg, C'94 & Gregg Wattenberg Family Fund
Marvin and Sybil Weiner Fund
James Howard Weiss Memorial Book Fund
Marilyn Kramer Weitzman Fund
Westreich Collection Fund
Ellis D. Williams Endowment Fund
PKQ Willoughby Endowed Fund for Chinese Studies
The Etta Zuritsky Winigrad Collection
Seymour Wishman First Run Features Collection
Arthur Wofsy, Class of 1937, Acquisitions Fund
Albert J. and Ele Wood Endowment Fund
John Penman Wood Library Fund
Hilda A. Wurtman Memorial Fund


The Yarnall Fund
Dorothy Mann Yeakel & Paul Herbert Yeakel Memorial Fund


Zachs-Adam Rare Book Fund
Zucker Holy Land Travel Manuscript
Mark S. Zucker Endowed Judaica Fund