The Moelis Family

The family of the late Larry Moelis, including five alumni descendants, continue to honor his memory with gifts to the University of Pennsylvania Library.

Beginning in 1984, when they were first introduced to the idea of memorializing Larry Moelis with a computer room in the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, the Moelis Family have committed themselves to the development of electronic resources in the Library.

Van Pelt-Dietrich is the site of the Larry and Frances Moelis Online Search Services Room as well as heavily used CD-ROM workstations. The family's newest gifts fund a state-of-the-art computer reference facility that is a key part of the redesigned public services making up the Van Pelt-Dietrich rehabilitation project.

Members of the Moelis family contributing to the projects honoring their forbears include: Herbert Moelis W'53, Jay and Marvin Moelis; and the next generation -- Ronald Moelis C'78, W'78; Kenneth Moelis W'81, WG'81; Julie Taffet Moelis W'81; Cindy Moelis W'82; and Craig Steven Moelis, C'90.